SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products.

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Company news

We are very pleased to announce that CCSL (Clwyd CAD Services Ltd) has now merged with Innova Systems UK Ltd, a member of The Visiativ Group, the largest SOLIDWORKS Reseller in Europe.

We will continue to offer the same service to our customers that we have since 1989, with the added benefit that our new partnership brings. Please get in touch with us to find out more, or view our press release here.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, the core product, has proven itself—through its intuitive user experience—to be up to the challenge of any industry. We know that many of you currently employ a 2D-based design approach, and we have a rich set of tools to re-use that data, and a full suite of capabilities for you to create the production documentation that you need. SOLIDWORKS provides the tools you need to be more productive and get your products to market faster.

In addition to a host of modelling and assembly design tools for sheet metal, surfaces and solids, we have additional tools to help communicate your designs, including eDrawings, which you will see in a few moments in the product demonstration.

The new costing tool helps designers make faster and more repeatable decisions based on manufacturing costs and helps manufacturers automate their quoting processes.

These tools allow you to share your designs with your partners, subcontractors and colleagues in smart new ways, all so you can improve knowledge transfer and shorten the design cycle.

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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products.