Guide to SNL Options File

SNL Options File

An Options File in one of its simplest forms allows those administering PDM a little more control and flexibility over how the network licenses are allocated. For example, it can be used to force a PDM license to return back to the license pool when the SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) sees there has been inactivity on a client machine for a specified amount of time. This guide will show you the required steps to create your own Options File using the SolidNetwork License Manager.


Launch the SolidNetwork License Manager

  • Search for the SolidNetwork License Manager Server, usually found within Programmes > SOLIDWORKS Tools. Run the application.


  • Select Modify.



  • Choose Activate/Reactivate your product license(s). Then click Next.




  • Check the box next to Options File then click Edit.




  • If no Options File exists already, you will be prompted to create one. Choose Yes.




  • A text file will automatically launch in the background. Within this, you create your Options File.


Syntax is important with this text file and should follow this format:

–        KEYWORD, followed by a space

–        Feature Name, followed by a space

–        TIME in seconds (the min. number of seconds is 900)


TIMEOUT swepdm viewer 3600

(After an hour of inactivity, the viewer license will timeout.)


(After 15 minutes of inactivity all licenses will timeout.)






  • Make sure the text entered into text file is correct. Save the sw_d.opt file and Close.


The table below, shows a list of PDM products and their associated Feature Names.


Feature Name Product
swepdm_cadeditor SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor
swepdm_cadeditorandweb SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor & Web
swepdm_contributor SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Contributor
swepdm_contributorandweb SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor & Web
swepdm_processor SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Processor License
swepdm_viewer SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Viewer
swepdm_web SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web
swpdmstd_cadeditor SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard CAD Editor
swpdmstd_contributor SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Contributor
swpdmstd_viewer SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Viewer



  • Double check the server information is correct. Click Next.




  • Activate/Reactivate your licenses. Choose Select All and all of your SOLIDWORKS products should be highlighted. Select Next.




  • Select Finish to complete the activation/ reactivation process.




As well as offering those administering PDM more control, an Options File can allow for more control over any other product license within a system. It can easily be used to control various additional operating parameters of an SNL server.

As well as the TIMEOUT function used in the previous examples, there are additional Option keywords that can be used to control actions:

Keyword Description
BORROW_LOWWATER Set the number of BORROW licenses that cannot be borrowed.
MAX_BORROW_HOURS Sets the maximum time a license can be borrowed in hours.
EXCLUDE Deny a user access to a feature.
EXCLUDE_BORROW Deny a user the ability to borrow BORROW licenses.
EXCLUDEALL Deny a user access to all features served by this vendor daemon.
GROUP Define a group of users for use with any options.
INCLUDE Allow a user to use a specific feature.
INCLUDE_BORROW Allow a user to borrow BORROW licenses or use a specific feature.
INCLUDEALL Allow a user or a group of users to the ability to borrow any license or use any feature.
TIMEOUT Specify idle timeout for a feature, returning it to the free pool for use by another user.
TIMEOUTALL Set timeout on all features.
RESERVE Reserves a license for a specified user.


Some Option keywords can restrict who may use a license or where it may be used. These options take a type argument that specifies what the restriction is based on.

For example, when using the EXCLUDE or RESERVE Option keywords, a user or group can be selected. A USER argument, is the user name of the user executing the application. Alternatively, ALL_USERS can be selected. A GROUP argument will specify a group name given to a group of users that can execute the application. In this case, were you want to restrict an option by a specific group, the Options File must also include a GROUP option that specifies the group’s members. Note: a GROUP will be defined by the syntax:  GROUP <group name> <user 1> <user 2> etc.

Alternatively, choosing INTERNET will restrict the IP address where the application is executing.


For a comprehensive list of Option Keywords and additional information regarding managing the Options File, see the FLEXIm End Users Guide, chapter 13 (2019). This is found within the Administration Guides on


As well as the PDM products listed above, additional products can be controlled in this manner, including basic SOLIDWORKS licenses. A list of products and corresponding Feature Names have been compiled below:

2D & 3D CAD Feature Name Product
solidworks SOLIDWORKS Standard
swofficepro SOLIDWORKS Professional
swofficepremium SOLIDWORKS Premium
swofficepremium_cwadvpro SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Premium
swofficepremium_cwpro SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Professional
edrw SOLIDWORKS eDrawings
draftsightapi DraftSight Enterprise
draftsightpremium DraftSight Enterprise Premium


Simulation Feature Name Product
cae_cwstd SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard
cae_cwpro SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional
cae_cwadvpro SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
cae_cosmosfloworkspe SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
cae_cosmosfloworks_hvac SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation HVAC Module
cae_cosmosfloworks_elec SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Electronic Cooling Module
sustainability SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
plastics_professional SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard
plastics_premium SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional
plastics_advanced SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium


Technical Communication Feature Name Product
swcomposer SOLIDWORKS Composer
swcomposer_check SOLIDWORKS Composer Check
swcomposer_pathplanning SOLIDWORKS Composer Path Planning
swcomposer_playerpro SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro
swcomposer_sync SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync
swcomposer_syncenterprise SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync
swinspection_pro SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional
swinspection_std SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard


If you want to find out some more information on SOLIDWORKS PDM then go to our dedicated PDM web page