How to Remove SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

How to remove the Toolbox flag from a SOLIDWORKS file

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is available with SOLIDWORKS Professional and gives you a library of components you can add to your assemblies.

How to remove toolbox from solidworks

All SOLIDWORKS Toolbox parts have an internal file flag that sets them apart from regular SOLIDWORKS parts.  This flag enables SOLIDWORKS to recognise them as standard parts and places a Toolbox icon beside them in the Feature Manager Design Tree.  If you have created custom fasteners by copying files out of the Toolbox folders, these will still be recognise as a Toolbox part.  Therefore, you should remove the internal flag to avoid file reference conflicts.

how to remove toolbox from solidworks

  1. Browse to your SOLIDWORKS installation folder (by default C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks)
  2. Within the installation folder, browse to Toolbox\data utilities
  3. Run sldsetdocprop.exe
  4. Add custom fastener files, set the Property State to No and click Apply