Missing Symbol Library File

Missing Symbol Library Tech Tip

When installing a new major release of SOLIDWORKS alongside an existing installation, sometimes the symbol library is not in the folder that SOLIDWORKS looks for it in.  One example of this <MOD-DIAM> will show rather than the Diameter symbol on parts and drawings.


This is because SOLIDWORKS is looking at an existing or previous install location for the file, which may no longer exist. To change this, follow these simple steps.

  1. Tools>Options>System Options>File Locations
  2. Show folders for: Symbol Library File
  3. Delete the current path.
  4. Add for the latest Solidworks release, the default location is: C:\ProgramData\Solidworks\SOLIDWORKS XXXX\lang\English

(With ‘XXXX’ being the version e.g. 2018)

There should be a gtol.sym file in this location

System Options

NOTE: The C:\ProgramData folder is hidden by default, to unhide in file explorer go to:


Check “Show hidden files folders and drivers”

Folder Options