ARC PDM Cloud vs. on-Premise PDM

Learn How PDM Capabilities Can Translate into Real Business Benefits

PDM Capabilities

Small to medium-sized businesses often feel they cannot take advantages of the opportunities provided by product data management (PDM) systems because they often don’t have dedicated IT staff to help implement and maintain the systems. With today’s modern deployment models, however, those long-held assumptions have been disproven.


“Product Data Management Opportunities for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses” by ARC Advisory Group outlines all the benefits PDM provides to companies, and how modern implementation techniques means no company, regardless of their size should be left behind.

These benefits include:

  • Protect and harness intellectual property (IP)
  • Accelerate innovation by facilitating collaboration
  • Increase data and design re-use
  • Eliminate errors due to version control issues
  • Quality Assurance benefit

This also compares the advantages of both cloud and on-premise PDM deployment methods to help you identify the solution and method of deployment that works best for your company


“The most recent change that CCSL has helped us implement is the introduction of the Product Data Management (PDM) operating system, which has already proved successful. Our designs are now completely accessible and transparent to areas across the whole business. Being able to work in this manner has again only been made possible due to the effort put in by the team at CCSL. Again, our system was fully configured to suit our needs and processes. The automated work flows created have helped us improve efficiency and shortened drawing release times. This would have been unattainable without their help. Since purchasing SOLIDWORKS and forming a relationship with CCSL, our department’s value has increased beyond recognition. We are constantly reassured that our design software supplier is the right one”

– Asset International


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