Advanced Part Modelling – SOLIDWORKS Training

Advanced Part Modelling SOLIDWORKS Training – Part 1

SOLIDWORKS training courses, which are held at CCSL, are designed to improve your skills and learn new tools for the first time. The courses are process based, emphasising the procedures you should follow to complete a feature. Experienced SOLIDWORKS instructors demonstrate live case studies to ensure you get the most out of your classroom time.

There are a number of courses with different content and duration to suit your exact needs.

Over 3 days, the Advanced Part Modelling course covers the more advanced shaping capabilities of SOLIDWORKS. This includes tools for modelling complex solids, sweeps and multi-body parts. In this series of blogs, we will cover some of the exercises within the Advanced Part course. Illustrating some of the lesser known capabilities of SOLIDWORKS that allow you to save valuable modelling time.

In one case study, we look at creating a coil spring. The body of the part is a complex sweep along a 3D path. To create the Sweep feature, we will use a combination of 3D sketches, projected curves and helixes. 3D sketches are not constrained to a single plane – we look at understanding feedback and relations to control them. The finished part is symmetrical, so we are able to mirror the main sweep body.

advanced parts



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