Tutorial: How to download SOLIDWORKS

Downloading SOLIDWORKS to your desktop




Log on to the customer portal through:


Downloading SOLIDWORKS

If you do not have an account you can register with your email and Serial number.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS




Once you are registered and logged on you may still need to register products. To do this, click “Register My Products” under the My Support section.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS




From here go to Downloads sections and select Downloads and Updates

Downloading SOLIDWORKS

In this area you can choose what major version from the dropdown and what service pack from the list.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS




Click the version you require.

Read and agree to the Terms and conditions and this will start your download of the installation manager.

Once the download has been complete run the SolidWorksSetup.exe

Downloading SOLIDWORKS

Choose a file to unzip the manager to, and click Unzip. Once complete the installation manager will open automatically and you can enter your Serial number and Products to install.


On the summary page you can choose different options for downloading the full installation files.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS

These are:

Download and install- Downloads the installation files then runs the installation

Download only- Will only download the files. This option can be used if you are making a copy of full installation media to transfer to other machines

Install only- If all the installation media is available this option will not need to download, ideal for machines without internet access.


The full installation media for SOLIDWORKS 2019 is approx. 14gb.

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