Recently the 3DEXPERIENCE compass has been an integral part of Dassault’s visuals. Up until this point it may well have been just a logo. The terms 3DEXPERIENCE or ‘platform’ probably have little meaning to many users.

But in the next few months of 2019, change is coming. Get ready to be excited about 3DEXPERIENCE.

It is no surprise that social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. 81% of all small and medium businesses now use some kind of social platform internally. 3DEXPERIENCE brings that comfortable mode of communication while adding additional functionality for engineering and business.

As defined by Dassault “the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a business experience platform providing software solutions and services for every team in your organisation.”

But what does this really mean for us as users?

3DEXPERIENCE Platform should be considered as a light cloud-based PLM system filled with apps, services and content. Users log in to their organisation’s platform to access their dashboards and apps in one main collaborative space.

3dExperience Platform


Social Collaboration Services

3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services focuses on a core collection of essential collaboration and communication apps – 3DDashboard, 3DSwym, 3DDrive and 3DPlay.

3dExperience Platform

  • 3DDashboard – centralise knowledge and data. Dashboards can be created to monitor any aspect of your organisation meaning information is available at a glance anytime. Apps added to a dashboard are organised by widgets.


  • 3DSwym – collaborate and participate in ideas. A space to share concepts, questions and interaction. A 3DSwym feed provides you somewhere to have a clear conversation.


  • 3DDrive – store and share any content internally and externally. Organises and manages your files on a cloud-based system accessible from your desktop.


  • 3DPlay – visualise your stored content. View and review your most commonly used file types, including 3D designs, in real time.


There is currently a wide range of additional apps available on the platform which we will cover in later blogs. These include PLM and project management, marketing, design modelling and simulation. New apps are also continuously being developed.

3dExperience Platform


Business Innovation and Roles

Every user of the platform will have their own log in. Each member will then have access to different platform roles dependent on their job within a company. A role basically controls what apps a user has access to when logged into the platform.

Every member must have a Business Innovation role assigned to them by the platform Admin to be able to log in. This role will give them access to the main Social Collaboration apps mentioned earlier, among others.

3dExperience Platform

Currently, each seat of SOLIDWORKS on subscription provides one platform log-in which has access to the Business Innovation role. For users without SOLIDWORKS, additional B.I. roles will need to be purchased. To purchase additional apps for B.I users, additional roles must be bought.

The next level role available is Industry Innovation, which will provide users access to the more structured PLM apps.

3dExperience Platform


3DEXPERIENCE Compass – What does it mean?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Compass is located in the top left corner of every platform window. Four quadrants help navigate users around the platform. It allows you to select the apps you wish to view on your dashboards. Each quadrant gives the user access to a different collection of apps and services based on the roles they have access to.

3dExperience Platform


  • North – My Social and Collaborative Apps to connect the disconnected. (3DDrive, 3DSwym, 3DSpace and Enovia PLM apps.)


  • West – My 3D Modelling Apps for design collaboration anywhere. (3DPlay, Solidworks, xDesign and 3D Designer.)


  • South – My Simulation Apps for design validation when you need it. (Simulia.)


  • East – My Information Intelligence Apps for tools to build an informative space. (3DDashboard, 3DSearch, Media Links, Netvibes Online information apps.)

3dExperience Platform


3dExperience Platform

All of this capability is now within our browsers, accessible from any device with internet connection. We now have access to a platform with the ability to generate, store and share data during the whole product development and design workflow.

The idea is to get companies out of email mailboxes. Your content should be there when you need it, without having to search for it. You know what you want to communicate and who you want to communicate it with so it shouldn’t be complicated. And with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform it won’t be.


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