Purchasing SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Design Software

Have you made your choice?

Having read all about SOLIDWORKS and seen the fantastic capabilities of the software, combined with how easy it is to use and how quickly you can prosper from the benefits of working with 3D CAD. You may have looked at each of the different versions to see what comes in each and which one will be most suitable for your requirements.


Delivers robust 3D design capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Professional 

Gives you all the power of SOLIDWORKS Standard but with additional capabilities that increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and help you communicate all design information more effectively.


Further expands on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional to deliver the premier 3D solution in the SOLIDWORKS family.

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Once you think you have decided on what version you would like it is time to progress and purchase the software. Our CCSL sales team will be able to assist you with any information that you require and help you with the transition to SOLIDWORKS.

To get the process started please get in touch: North West and North Wales 01244 289350, South Wales 01443 719191, South West 0117 403 5639.